Friday, March 19, 2004

Brasilian Sea Creatures

Manolo's sitting in front of me.

He's so adorable!

Let me tell you about Manolo. He's a stuffed turtle. Stuffed with either sawdust or sand, I can't quite tell. He's small enough to fit into my palm! Haha, and Evelyn finds his name really funny. When I first introduced him to her (actually Yen did it for me: "Hey Evelyn, this is Manolo. His full name is Manolo BLLAAAAAHnik")
Evelyn went: "Walau, and this is...(rummages through bag, pulls out cell phone) this is JIMMY CHOO, diao! *giggly fit".

There's a story behind Manolo. When I was 15, I found a beautiful carved turtle in a shop in Pune, India. It was carved out of sandalwood, also small enough to fit into my palm. I loved it so much because it was special, the artist bored through the solid wooden turtle to carve another (even tinier) turtle within its shell. A turtle within a turtle. I don't know why but it looked perfect to me.

At that time, I liked you a lot. To me, you were also perfect. You made me happy.

Then I gave you the turtle I loved. Out of impulse. Just because I was very sad to be leaving.
Me: Here you go, happy birthday.
You: Oh, thank you. Wow, you actually got me a gift! (or something like that)
Me: No problem, but keep it well though cuz i really like it!
You: Oh no, really? Yeah I promise I'll take good care of it. Don't worry!
etc etc etc...

Anyway, I think I never really got over you until the beginning of this year. Imagine, 3 years of liking one guy (who's not your boyfriend/fiancee/husband, that is).

You came online one day during my Sec 4 year (more than a year after we last chatted because I used the Internet very rarely in Singapore). I signed into MSN during a Biology lesson when we had to use the computer to run a programme.
You: Cindy!
Me: Hey! Oh man it's been like more than a year since we talked?
You: Yeah! :) I still have the turtle you gave me. It's on my table, in front of me.
etc etc etc

I forgot the rest.

You made me happy that day :)

This year, I went to a flea market. And I saw Manolo sitting there. He was small and dull compared to all the other weird objects displayed carelessly on the table. But he was the first to catch my eye.

I don't like you (that way) anymore. Guess I just got over it. You still have a place in my memory. When I was 15 and so...i dunno, ...young! I have a new turtle now. One which I won't give away that easily.


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