Tuesday, March 30, 2004

For She's a Jolly Good...Babe

Shi Li's birthday.
We screwed up her hair majorly, and made her dunk her face into whipped cream.
Simply glorious! Lovely cake (mango), ice-cream (mango, berry) and excellent company.
Played with silent sparklers, and one premium kind which exploded in Yun's hand! Ran like crazy so that we could be in time to show Shi Li. Honestly, put a bunch of exhausted, giggly and excited girls together and all common sense escapes. Took a million pictures. Digicams are da bomb. Feigned ditzy bimbo on Alme's phone to some guy whom I thought was a girl. Elizer too! High on chocolate, cream, smoke and laughter.

Too bad one of us wasn't there. It's never complete when one of the girls go AWOL. Hope she's better now, and we saved the premium sparklers for another day! Heh heh heh... ECP again anyone?


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