Saturday, March 20, 2004

Nightmares of a Procrastinator

I feel guilty.

I'm scared.

I'm scared to go back to school. And it's all my fault. There's no one to blame.

I haven't laid a finger on any piece of academic work. No tutorials done, no notes done...

No nothing.

I'm not ready. Leave me be. Slow down. Let's wind back the clock a little. Please. Stop. Stop running. Can we walk? Or stop awhile more to smell the roses? To watch the stars? They're so many of them. Lets count them all. 1,2,3...Oh no no, the clouds will go away. You'll see. Please, just awhile more. We haven't finished counting. Quit tugging at me! No, I can't run! I'm not ready to run. There's too much... stuff left behind. Let's go back a little. I need to pick them up. What? Oh I dunno, I'll put them in my pockets! Hmm? No they won't slow me down that much...I think...I dunno...will they? Ouch! QUIT PULLING! What do you mean we can't go back? I left a whole lot of...uh...things back there! No, I can't go on! Stop!

Time and tide; you know who they hate waiting for.


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