Saturday, March 27, 2004

Of Mice and Men

I saw a cute guy today. And I actually looked at him well, longer than I should. adulterous! Garrghh... But seeing such a delish face makes me happy. Felt like smiling and smiling.

Which is more important? Personality or looks?
A combination. The heart being more important than the outside. And somehow, a person with the right mind and right heart will be so attractive. Sigh.

Friends tell me I like the brooding kind. But truly, I like a broody face which totally lights up when it smiles. And I like a person who's cares more about others than himself and is happy on the inside. I can't take people who seethe and brood over things. Lighten up! Count your blessings because there are so many. Stop whining about the world being screwed up, do something about it! There's a fine line between ambition and passion. I like passion, but ambition can be scary. Passion is standing up for what you believe in and fighting for what you want and for those you love. Ambition is so...self-centered.

I saw a rat in Siglap centre at night. Fat as anything. Like MacD's is really doing them a whole lot of good. They're lovin' it. And since the cats are just as well fed, there's no need for them to kill the rats. Population boom. All because us humans meddled with the ecosystem. Shame on us.


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