Monday, March 29, 2004

Taste it

I just changed my blog song. I love this one equally, maybe more. Vivir Sin Aire. It transports me to another time. I can see it, smell it, feel it. Our feet scraping the asphalt, our laughter, the slight scent of burning logs. Cheap coffee. It smelt good. I can't put the memory into sentences anymore. They're becoming fragments. Chopped up and scattered in the back of my mind.


Nostalgia. It's robs you of logic and presence.
I gotta snap back to the present.

Let me tell you about tears. They change taste. At first they're salty. Acid. They sting your eyes and stain your cheeks. Eventually they become clean, like pure pure water. Crystal. Untainted.

Primeira pessoa: Ngor hou nggak meng pak ee eh heng. Ngor rasa ta mm hai hou ren. Astuto. Dan hai wo não saberiba deem yong zheng. So ngor kan ig no re ta? Ngor yao too dor bang ga an! But that's how I feel. Próxima pessoa: Wo hou xiang zhu ee...


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