Thursday, April 15, 2004

And A Little Bit More

Your Man
Your man is a great communicator and an independent thinker. On top of that, he's incredibly popular. You won't be able to resist his inviting personality and altruistic nature. Also ambitious and creative, he tends to be inflexible when it comes to his views. He might shy away from romantic relationships at first, but once you break through that barrier, he's yours! His sign is the water bearer, which means that he gives off a special energy that is received as a gift by others. Your ideal man is a people person, and he genuinely wants everyone to be happy. He's also a progressive intellectual with an analytical edge. So, not only will he provide interesting conversation, he'll make sure you're always smiling!

I was really stressed about school and money problems. So I took many many many tests. Saturation point reached. My personality has been thoroughly examined and scrutinised by the Net. And I'm no wiser. What a waste of time.


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