Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Tribute to a Friend

No, don't misunderstand. She's still around. Happy (I hope), healthy and preparing for her A's now. That's the whole point right? Why write a tribute when the person is gone? When she's out of your life and isn't able to hear what you have to say to her? There's no time like the present.

About Edwina. She's funny, beautiful and really smart. But she never seems to realise how smart she is. I used to be envious of her, still am... maybe... sometimes. She's the ones the guys fall for. The one with the killer bod and amazing looks. The one who challenges me in everything, studies, netball, guides. But we remain friends despite all competition. Despite the distance apart. Despite distractions and other commitments. We have our own lives now, worlds apart but yet similar in many ways. We have our own set of good friends, but yet to me, she is never forgotten, always at the back of my mind.

Here's to more than 6 years of friendship and counting. All the tears, laughter, private lives revealed, pain, misunderstandings, secrets, funny and embarrassing moments. Cheers girl.


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