Saturday, June 26, 2004

Man, the only source of media I get now is blogging and watching football with my crazy girls. I have no life. I'm blogging every day now. Thank God for hostel friends. I love you guys! Let's suffer awhile more together and when the exams are over... Heh heh heh...WOOHOO! Beach party on Sunday! Sentosa! Shopping! And darling Jenna's birthday at the Hard Rock Cafe. The guys are happy because they'll get to watch the finals there too. It's a surprise right? Don't worry, she doesn't know my password.

Nowadays, when you run at East Coast, there's this bunch of really buff guys running around 6pm or so. With their bloody shirts off. They're either from the army or the Sailing Club further down. Either way, girls (and some guys) who want to check out a nice variety of delish 6-packs can come run with me and Lili.

Because they're wasted on me. I only have eyes for a certain someone now... At least I think so... Haha!

Urgh, my guilty conscience is going, "Ngee Shin...Go STUDY now... Study... Study... Cambridge, UCL, Scholarship..."



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