Sunday, July 11, 2004

I just found out for sure that I will not be allowed to go out tonight to see them off at the airport. This is the worst punishment they could dish out now. It's not fair. I wanna curse and get angry but it's not gonna help. I'm to tired, dealing with the spiteful, biased Rajan security guard. I know her secret. Someone asked me to drop hints to her that I know her secret, so she wouldn't be so malicious towards me. But I won't. She needs her job. Sometimes, when she gets petty with me, I feel like yelling that I know and am telling the hostel admin. Then she'll be gone for good.

But God says to turn the other cheek. I'm trying my best. But what I can't bring myself to do is to try and suck up to her and be really nice when I dislike her. I'd probably make a bad actress. Thank goodness she's the only sour milk. The other guards are darlings. I love them!

To my friends who are going to Germany, I'm sorry I can't go see you guys off. I'm dying to. All the best. I know you'll be great.


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