Monday, July 12, 2004


Oh man, I'm getting the jitters. Feel like I should really censor my blog now that it's password-free. Ok, if you're reading this, I hope you know me well enough not to judge me too soon.

Today was blah, in a good way. Got caught in Parkway because of the rain (yeah, I knew it was coming). This is one of the rare times I go to parkway alone. It's kind of fun, because you move at your own speed and look only at things you wanna look at. But I don't think it'll be so fun if it was all the time. Withdrew $30, bought a $10 phone card from the indian money changer uncle, who was really fun to talk to.

Me : Uncle I dunno lah, so many cards, you help me choose lah.
Uncle: You call where? Aiya, I scared to recommend lah, the only one I can recommend is Worldcard. Worldcard best, like you and me talking like that. Veeerry clear. But that one very short. The rest longer, but if bad connection wait later you come and find me and scold. You call where?
Me : Uh, Korea. Aiya, uncle why you never ask people who use the card if it's good or not? Then you can recommend, then you can sell more cards.
Uncle: Waaaah Korea so far? Your boyfriend there ah?
Other Indian Uncle: You Korea also got friend ah?
Me : Uh... Hahaha...blah blah

Then, bought bread and tomatoes. (I'm becoming kinda anti-Atkins, it destroys boobs). It just KEPT raining so I ended up buying a Japanese salad from the coffee place at MPH and planted myself in front the the com there to kill time. Was tempted to buy CLEO but decided that I had to give it up since I already spent so much.

I just realised how much it costs for him to call. It's pretty scary. Decided to call him instead to make it less unfair than it already is. The loack of money does impose certain difficulties, doesn't it? But not too much. Cuz I'm still happy.


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