Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I am addicted to Solitaire. I hope that doesn't imply anything. Having weird hunger pangs that lead me to crave one or more of the following in odd hours throughout the day:

1. Weetabix with cold milk, raisins and cinammon sugar.
2. Canteen's potato wedges. (and Yen Han's making it worse!!)
3. Canteen's chicken rice with a mountain of cucumber and chilli
4. Spicy instant ramen (only instant, not the real kind)
5. Canteen's chicken beehoon soup, with sliced chilli
6. Mango, orange+watermelon+celery juice

Diego insists it's because of some weird hormonal changes. I don't think so! Endorphins can go kiss my butt.

Well take care while you're there ok? You probably won't be able to read this anyway. You probably can't even call for a long while. Argh. Will miss ya.

Oh, and one thing I am not craving anymore? Mash potato. Ugh. Sorry nuno, but it has to go. Our potato gang has to diversify our comfort food menu. Mr Softee?


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