Saturday, September 04, 2004

I am amazingly behind my work. Things to do:

1. Find Harris.
2. Find Harris again.
3. Make final decision on Oxbridge. I just wasted a whole lot of time on Cambridge applications before Cook asked me to consider Oxford Law. Went to the website and liked the fact that they focus on jurisprudence so much. If only I didn't have to concentrate so much on prelims, I can spend more time researching further. I'm an Oxford newbie. Sad.
4. Take final look at Jardine form.
5. Study for ChemBioMathEcons... A LOT. There's so much left undone. I HAVE to try to do as much as possible.
6. Clear up doubts about Tort, Contract and Jurisprudence. Tripos or no Tripos? Argh.
7. Thank Cook profusely for mentioning the part about that lawyer in the panel of interviewers!! Phew...
8. Send that card to Ms Ng.

I feel tired even by looking at the above list.

To my dearest friends. I love you lots!!


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