Thursday, December 16, 2004

Here I am, munching on Pringles and getting fat. You know all those resolutions we make during those last few painful weeks of A Levels? All the books we wanted to read. Movies we wanted to watch. Learn new dances, learn new tricks on the piano, swim thrice a week and go swimming with the dolphins. Well, I can cross out mega-expensive salsa lessons since my baby's gonna teach me how. And he's real good too! :) Don't think I'll be seeing any dolphins or orcas or whales anytime soon. In fact, I'm doing pretty much the same thing as always. Burying myself in a heap of Asterisk, Tintin, Jo and Zette comic books, try out new recipes and ways of cooking, pamper my dog. What happened to "I'm gonna enrich and upgrade myself!!"? Ngee Shin is not becoming a piano maestro, she is has not attained an amazingly svelte and athletic body, her abs are far from rock hard, she is not becoming a renaissance woman. She is not as well read as she'd like to be and she hasn't found the company/organisation/government body who will graciously fund her education. Ngee Shin has not heard from Oxford or Warwick, and Manchester demands 3As from her. She is not getting thinner. (*weeps)

Ngee Shin is blogging in front of her computer and munching on Pringles. She remains a blob of lard, not unlike the great Jabba the Hutt. Her skin feels dry and puffy because of a liiiiittle too much alcohol the night before. Oh and because she left her skin vitamin thingee with Yen Han.

Ngee Shin is turning fat, ugly and lazy.

Ngee Shin will start weight training again.

And she will take the dog for a run twice a day instead of only once.

And she will use sun block.


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