Saturday, January 15, 2005

I'm back!

Trying to settle down in KL has been tres tiring but oh so liberating! I really love this country. Sure it's chaotic but it's really colourful. I do miss Singapore a whole lot, and sometimes wonder if I made the right choice by choosing not to study in NUS. Well, I guess life's never black and white.

Oh, and I'm very pleased to announce that my Malay has not karat-ed to nothing but is in fact still pretty fluent! Yay!!

To VJ peeps, especially S1E and you choir ppl, I miss you so much you have no idea. To my Yenhan and Ellen and Li and Rina and Serene and Fel and Aaliyah and Yanti and Az and Elizer and Sufi all the people I absolutely absolutely love, I wish you were here!

To my MG/VJ ASEAN friends, life's not the same without you. Especially my girls Huien, Yun, Chun, SS, Shili, Lili, Rach, Phuong, Lava...

Am starting a new chapter in my life. I've enrolled in a Uni-College in KL to study Law. Just went for an interview for a full scholarship in Australian National University. If I do get it, then it's Aussie for me. If not, then I'll be here for awhile. I'm not complaining of course. Hopefully I'll make some friends soon. Being alone in the big city is kinda, well, lonely. I need a boyfriend with a car who goes to the same college as me. Public transportation here is WAY confusing... I DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT KL!!! Help... :( People here are scarier than Singapore. Singapore is so... so... safe and uh, predictable (IN A GOOD WAY).

Oh but one thing really supremely awesome about this place is that great food is EVERYWHERE.


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