Thursday, January 20, 2005

Things A-Level students (and college in general) say here that I'll never hear in VJ:

1. I can't stay back for projects today... have to go to MSMB to pay my 'saman'.
2. Argh, when is she gonna give us our smoke break??
3. Ms Vilmah, Grace is gonna be a little late, she got into a minor car accident.
4. You got cigarettes?
5. Where ada jual rokok? The downstairs one dah tutup.
6. My ex-fiance was damn complex, can you imagine I was stuck with him for THREE years?...etc (and she's one year younger than me)
7. YAY smoke break!!

That aside, the people in my class are totally gorgeous. Like how can so many beautiful girls be in one room? They're also nice. And they work when they're supposed to. I do believe I'm in a great environment for studying and having fun. The people I've met so far are mature, confident, adult, independent and really smart. And by smart I mean in other ways besides just studying. They're street-smart, something that I'm still getting a hang of. I mean, yeah they're intelligent, but these couple of days have also taught me that there are a million ways to success, and a gazillion kinds of people in this world. I'm with people so vastly different from me and from each other. And it's great. I've been in the safe bubble of Singapore for too long, where people are more or less like each other, especially in VJ. I liked it, and miss it very much. But it's time for me to learn to live in my country. I'm lovin' it. I'm having fun. And classes are great.

Law is fun. But it's SOOO much work. Like Die DIE DIE

Oh, and my old classmate just got married. When I first heard of it I was like OMG. But hey, congrats to Heng Yang. I wish you well.

May rent a house with a few of the people I've just met here. They're Law students too. So the next time any of you come to KL, you can come stay at my place! Yay! A place of my own. How delish. Rental's a killer in Bangsar though... I need a part time job as well... Saw a notice for a part-time salesperson for Laura Ashley. I don't mind :) Always thought that place was nice and posh and British!


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