Monday, February 21, 2005

Some things make studying law that much more enjoyable. Things like smoke break conversations, going downstairs to buy coconut water (aaaaaahhhhh... delish), brainless dialogues while the lecturer takes his break... kinda like the one below:

G: I was dreaming of murder yesterday!
Me: What? Which one?
G: No, not a case but someone trying to murder me because I stole something from him!
Me: Oh.. haha, so he can raise the defence of provocation and reduce the liability to manslaughter?
G: YESS!! And then all the other things came to mind! Coincidence of mens rea and actus reus, break in the chain of causation because someone else shot me in the end without meaning to...
Me: Transfered malice ah?
G: Yaa...
Me: You've been reading too many casebooks lah... It's like violent TV you know, never watch a violent movie too close to bedtime. What did you steal anyway to make him so mad?
G: A bra.
Me: A bra? What bra? You mean like a brassiere bra? As in, Victoria's Secrets/Triumph/LaSenza bra?
G: Yaaah laah, what other kinds of bras are there lah
Me: His gf's bra?
G: No! His bra! (*cackles loudly)
Me: (*cackles louder) What kind of dream is that??
G: Oh, speaking of which I taught my man how to undo a bra with one hand (proud ...

You see how 2 completely different topics can be linked in one dream or conversation? It got me thinking about the logic of the human mind. I think I (and I hope, many others who are brainier than I am) have concluded that there is no such thing. Law's supposed to be a very philosophical science. Up to now, I have not managed to locate my philosophical side. Still looking still looking.

I LOVE THE PAKCIK DOWNSTAIRS WHO SELLS RM1 COCONUT WATER!! Few things are more refreshing than seeing him at the roadside on a scorching hot day. Oh, and while we're at "scorching hot day" can I just say here that I really miss Singapore's huge trees smack in the middle of the city. KL is way too hot. I can feel my skin sizzle into a state of severe hyperpigmentation... Sighh... You can see the hordes of people cramming under the few sorry looking trees scattered scantily about the city, seeking refuge from the relentless rays of the sun. I am reminded of llamas forming a crowded ring around an oasis in the desert, desperately trying to cool off.

I need an SK2 whitening mask. If only they weren't RM50 per mask.


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