Friday, February 04, 2005

Taking the cue from yenhan, my V-day wishlist [ (hints to all of you out there who want to be nice to me :) ]

1. Roses: Red or white
2. The kitty bracelet/charms/necklace from babyphat
3. Sushi/ salmon sashimi
4. A driving license (this one I guess goes out to my instructor and examiner... uncle/pakcik/sir I hope you read your students' blogs)
5. Rotiboy (yumm! and a very affordable item! only RM 1.50!!)

Oh dear, now I really have cravings for Rotiboy... Hot buns, crispy on the outside coated with sweet malted coffee and filled with rich melted butter within... Pure bliss... mmmmmm... gimme gimme gimme


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