Saturday, April 23, 2005

It's hard to find people that I can click with. That's quite sad ain't it? I'm antisocial and picky. I'm quiet and so... un-perky. I'm trying to fix that but I guess I'm just talked out. Tired of building new relationships. I envy people who can be chatty all the time. People who make friends so easily. I envy that so much. It's hard for me. And I guess to most people, I seem bored and boring.

Yet when I'm with the right people, things just fall into place so easily. It's such a comfortable feeling.

It's chemistry.

I miss great company, I really do. MGscholars, S1E, VJCASEAN, huhdo, lava, sokyih, tracy

NgeeShin will learn to socialise better. She cannot depend on he who cannot be there for her.


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