Monday, April 11, 2005

A site to whet our maternal instincts (it's a generalisation I know. some people never want to have kids). I honestly do admire women who are successful at the workplace and home. How they even find time to juggle all that is beyond me. Right now I'm trying my best to barely cope with my Contract Law assignment, LAN essay tests and Constitutional Law time test.

I take my (non-existent) hat off to working mothers. The main goal of children in life seem to be to bring about mayhem and destruction. They have this insatiable urge to rip everything apart and put them into their mouths. If I ever have kids, I will turn the interior of my house completely squishy: squishy walls, squishy furniture, squishy floors. There's nothing to break. No danger zones. No need to attend to boo-boos until they're at (least out) of primary school. My house will look like some warped retro version of Cat-in-the-hat. And they're gonna watch Sesame Street till after they graduate from high school.

I won't be that 'control-freakish'. It's too expensive to make the whole house squishy. Maybe I should just put them in the plastic shock absorbing balls that people use to put hamsters and iguanas in so they're kept away from harm. And maybe I should just not let them watch tv at all. HOohoohooOO...

No, I'll just let my 1-year-old toddler be. Like, "Ok, mama has to go prepare her submissions for court tomorrow ok? So you just go do whatever you want. Here, take 20 bucks. Get some pizza or go catch a movie of something."

I've to teach it how to dial take-out numbers.


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