Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I just went for a manicure with supermodel-covergirl-amanda and babelicious-picture-perfect-caimei. It was my first (but sooo not my last) manicure and I love my nails now!! French manicure with some elaborate nail art on the thumbs. Feeling guilty though because it took us almost 3 hours (plus the wait). The nail artist is extremely skilled! Ngee Shin has discovered however, the many disadvantages of perfectly done nails. I can't open wrappers, tops of containers, bottle caps, and I have to be oh-so-careful like all the time. Yup, manicures are only meant for really REALLY special occasions.

ANd now, I have to look through the constitutional reform bill and revise judicial precedent. I must work hard for the next two hours to make up for the slacking.

Oh and I'm very afraid of driving...


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