Friday, June 10, 2005

Chocolate has been quoted time and time again as the ultimate endorphin booster. Ngee Shin begs to defer. KFC IS MY ULTIMATE COMFORT FOOD! I'm so devoted to my 2-piece-chicken (golden crunchy-on-the-outside-juicy-on-the-inside Original Recipe chicken bursting with flavour with every bite) snack plate with a warm cosy bun, buttery velvety smooth whipped potato topped with delicious gravy and creamy coleslaw. Oh and of course a nice mountain of spicy chilli sauce to go with it. Every bite sends happy hormones surging through the blood. And it also brings back great memories of Yun and Siew Sze who are as addicted as yours truly. We were so broke and yet had such dreadful cravings for a KFC meal that we'd gaze longingly at the red and white neon sign when we walked (yes WALKED not drove) past and declare things like: "I'd marry the guy who buys me a KFC meal!" Being broke brought us scholars closer together sometimes. Rachel would try to persuade people to order pizza so that each of us would get a little taste of yumminess and split the exorbitant bill. We would bond over midnight instant noodles and create a million ways to make them taste more interesting. Shili and her miso powder, tofu, bacon, sausages, meatballs etc. etc. Phuong (inspired by Jhalley, the other Castro) would have a can of tuna with her noodles. Lili the only one who was sworn off instant noodles had her cheap-but-fabulous Meiji yoghurt.

I have decided to make mention of every time I have KFC to see the number of times I consume this fat-laden and deliciously greasy meal. Lets hope they're few and far between. I'm fat enough as it is.

This blog has way too many KFC related posts. It's becoming some kind of warped Colonel Sanders shrine.


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