Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I am completely astounded by the voice of this singer: Vitas. However I hardly know anything about him! I guess the mystery feeds to the entire fascination of his work. This guy is a genius (or whoever helps put his act together). He has an amazing voice. And the widest range on one single singer I have ever heard. His notes are so amazingly flawless and he can go higher than Toh Chai!!!! No one knows his true name, nor where to find him. Never an interview or press conference.

A Russian Friend describes Vitas - written by Natalie
The story of Vitas in short looks like this. His true name is Vitaliy Grachyov (they say so). By the way, I've got a colleague with the same name and surname :-)) He was born in Latvia and some people say that Vitas is not a pure pseudonym but a diminutive Latvian name for Vitaliy. Maybe it's true. When the boy was 3 years old, his family moved to Odessa (a city in the Ukraine). It is believed that the producer Sergey Pudovkin found Vitas in Odessa quite by chance. Pudovkin was in Odessa on a business trip and one of his friends advised him to go and see a performance of the local Theatre of Mime and Gesture. Vitas was one of the actors of this amateur theatre and participated in this performance. When Pudovkin saw Vitas on stage, he was greatly impressed by his obvious talent. The actor easily transformed from a little girl to a young lady, then to a man and finally to an old woman. His face could be charmingly beautiful and the next moment it could turn into a disgusting ugly mask. Vitas could also speak in different voices. His art of transformation was stunning. So the producer decided to take this young man to Moscow and make a star out of him. He didn't know at that moment (at least Pudovkin himself says so) that Vitas possessed such an extraordinary high voice. He just didn't suppose that Vitas could sing!!! But the producer was absolutely sure that he had met a boy of unique talent and would make him a star anyway - in one genre or another. And later, when it turned out that Vitas had such a wonderful voice, Pudovkin began to promote him as a singer. I am not sure that this story is true to fact. Maybe it's just a beautiful legend invented by Pudovkin to make the whole story look so weird and full of striking coincidences in order to excite people's curiosity.But one fact is undoubtful - Vitas really used to work at that Odessa theatre. I only doubt the fact that Pudovkin didn't suspect that Vitas had such an unusual voice when he was going to promote him. I guess he knew very well about it.

So this is how the whole story began. Vitas doesn't give interviews to the mass media, this is an attitude of his producer. Pudovkin himself gives all interview instead of Vitas. I think Pudovkin is absolutely right in doing so because now journalists are usually interested only in some details of private life of the famous people and ask no questions about creative work. So why should an artist waste his precious time on such reporters? And now if any newspaper publishes an "interview" with Vitas, all the people know at once that it is a fake because Vitas himself doesn't communicate with journalists. But he does communicate with his public at the concerts! And this is quite enough. The people who took his autographs after the concerts say that VItas is open-hearted and easy to talk with. He behaves like a simple boy, not a haughty star. His fame hasn't spoiled him. At least for the time being.


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