Saturday, July 02, 2005

I was fiddling around with the timer of my camera yesterday in preparation for the big scholar bash at the hotel-which-will-not-be-named. Little did I know that the camera gives out 2 flashes on timer: 1.Ok gonna snap right.... 2. NOW! So after Flash No. 1 I grinned and moved off the bed to go check the photo out when Flash No. 2 went off. Hence it caught me lookin like this:

Why is there such a prominent shadow cast behind me? Yenhan, the budding photographer can you teach me how to fix that?
And yes, I got chubbier and yes, I do have a little eyeliner left over from the day and no, I am not naked. Somebody stop me from eating. My cheeks look like a hamster's. Man I wanna get buy photoshop so I can edit ALL my photos to make myself slim and super-modellish. But it's freakin expensive and I'm on my anti-piracy principle so I will not get the cheaper fakes. I wonder how long I can stay on this "Respect IP" programme.


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