Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I've been very very annoyed these past few days because I try to tag my friends on their blogs but my tags NEVER appear. Hopefully they work now. And to my dearests, I can't wait to meet all of you!

I went to three malls today at the far corners of the wilayah. First MidValley then drove ALL the way to Subang for Sunway then ALL the way back to Damansara for One Utama. All that travelling in search of a freakin Guess? key-chain. But on the bright side: My meal at the Laksa Shack was an unexpected 50% off!!! Wen Dee and I couldn't believe it when we saw the bill.

WenDee: Eh did you see that?
Me: Huh?
WenDee: I thought I saw RM12.50 on our bill...
Me: No lah, please... You had a laksa and my nasi is like 9.90. Plus drinks.
WenDee: Ya maybe I saw wrong..

*Bill and change comes back

WenDee and Me: 12.50!!! ... (*sudden silence...) OOOH 50% off!!!!!!!!

We were extremely pleased. It's true, girls love a bargain.


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