Friday, September 30, 2005

If you liked the song I had on this blog awhile ago, you may also like this one sung by the same person. It's called "I wish you love"

Report on the week. Yes a week or so has passed and I'm getting used to this place. It's quite a great place to be. A proper city without the London price tags!! Everything's still quite expensive though. I eat in most of the time. It's cheap if you cook so yay!

And I have nothing really to say I dunno why! Hahaha. Somehow blogging is only fun when you're very very busy. Like during exams blogging seems to be SOOOOOO much fun. I'm not very busy at the moment. I should be though! I mean I should be doing my reading! ARGH.

I have been quite thrifty so far. Cooking a lot so I usually go through the day spending nothing at all! Woohooo!! My expenses here so far are actually LESS (YES EVEN AFTER CONVERSION!!) than in Singapore! It's because I'm being like really stingy but it pays to be conscientious with money! Groceries here are of reasonable price, sometimes even cheaper than in Malaysia/Singapore if you know where to shop. So cooking really saves money. The money I use to eat out for one day here can actually cover my food for a whole week if I cook. I guess rental and wages are high here and they push up prices like crazy. I think back home I never really felt too much of the pinch so it was ok to spend on MacD's or to eat out and stuff. Yong Tau Foo in Siglap! hahaha.

My occasional indulgence now will be vodka with the girls but that's about it. It's not true what they say about UK being so freaking expensive. I'm honestly honestly spending about the same as what I spend in Singapore using the scholarship pocket money we were given. The actual hurdle is the tuition fees. (SOBCRYWHEEZE!!)

Hopefully, once I get a job, I might be able to cover next year's tuition as well!! Especially during summer! I am submitting my CVs now to every single place that I think might want me. Manchester is still a new and daunting city to me but I just have to learn to overcome that. Transitions are never comfortable. If it was I'd probably not learn very much. CHIN UP, NS!


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