Friday, September 16, 2005

I've been staying on my own in hostels for the past 5 years now and maybe, just maybe I've gotten so accustomed to living on my own or with my peers that I've forgotten how to live with my family. I've been living at home for a month now and man, it's HARD! No really! I hope I'm not the only abnormal one who feels this way but absence really does make the heart grow fonder, at least when it comes to my relationship with my family. I feel so trapped and stressed out living with my parents. I really really really love them but sometimes wow, I dunno I feel like I'm getting palpitations/hard for breathing when I'm at home sometimes. Like I'm in a small room full of CCTVs, and Howlers coming from all directions. (Harry Potterish today). Like I'm being chained up. I know it sounds very immature and OTT but I really do feel like that. I don't hate my family, I love them so so so much. Like my dad said, I flew the nest too early. I will never be able to live with my parents all my life, you know like in some cultures/societies where the kids live with their parents even after they get married. That's just... amazing.

I was also thinking about how hostel life back in Singapore will differ from the hall I'm gonna be at. I came up with 5 so far (because I haven't moved in yet mah)

1. It used to be just rooms, you either get double rooms, triple rooms or quadruple rooms. Now it's a flat, with 9 other people in that flat. The flat has a living room, kitchen, dining room, bathrooms and 10 single bedrooms. I guess it's more like a college dorm concept. (Think SIMS2 University Expansion Pack...only without the pool tables and hot tubs). At least I got my own room!

2. We used to just go down for dinner at 6. Meals were provided. Now I have to cook my meals myself. The Bad: Time consuming. The Good: I'll eat what I prepare so I can't complain! And I cook well! :) Haha so thick-skinned.

3. No curfew, no restriction on who goes to your rooms/flats, smoking allowed in rooms, you can basically do whatever you want unless it harms other people or involved illegal hard drugs. And no I won't do drugs or pick up smoking. My skin is already bad enough. I'm not beautiful :(

4. New friends. Though I will miss my old ones so much! Will never forget you!!

5. Carpeted floors. WEIRD.


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