Thursday, September 22, 2005

There were like a gazillion different things to sign up for but in the end I only signed up for 4 things due to lack of time. It was done in a rush!! I should have gone yesterday. Today's like the last day :( I didn't know about the sign-ups because I missed orientation. I just walked into it by chance and like GOODNESS TODAY'S THE LAST DAY AND I HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO LOOK THROUGH???? and like the booths were going to close already... It's ok though, I still signed up for these:

1. Christian Union (a must!)
2. Amnesty International (woohoo! and I'm taking Human Rights as a course option too!)
3. CAOS: The University's choir (hahahaha!! yay choir again!)
4. Malaysian Society which is like... I'll get in anyway. I want to join the International Society but like dunno where the booth is.

Also, have to go to the Academy to get my Student Union card which entitles me to entry to all the best parties in the city for a cheap price!! The clubbing scene here is insane: clubs, stand-up comedy, live bands, weird theatre things like every single night by students for students. I was wondering how they keep up the pace and then someone told me the student population is 30,000. Ah, no wonder... It's a city on its own. Don't think I'll party much though unless I find a great group of real friends to go with. And I have to make time for working part-time. And studying...of course. People here are so adult and so cool. They're pretty nice too but I still feel intimidated. I hope I'll fit in.

Thank you Huh Do for coming to see me off! It really meant a lot :)


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