Monday, April 03, 2006

Day out! Student's Union + Starbucks + Movie + Hunting for batteries for camera for Alton Towers tomorrow!

All bundled up to face the GALE outside!!! Seriously, it is SO VERY WINDY. Sometimes it's so bad that the gust literally takes your breath away. It blows past your face so strongly that you can't breathe any air into your lungs.

Finally sorted all the final arrangements for the Alton Towers trip tomorrow. Tired of walking in the wind and we sought refuge in Starbucks. I hate and love Starbucks. I hate how it's so commercialised but I love how it's a reminder of home! And right now I adore it simply because we have a nice sunny WARM gust-free place to sit in. That's Jenea, "No don't take my photo now!".

Aki, who's also going with us to Alton Towers. He's from Nebraska, USA. Erh.. So ulu.

And that's me, sinking further and further into my sofa. It was sooooo comfy and warm. And such amazing relief from the cold.

Our drinks! Aki's caramel macchiato (with half a cup of sugar or something), my chai (mmmm!) and Jenea's strawberry banana thing cuz she's staying vegan for lent and can't have anything that originates from an animal (hence no milk).

Spent ages there talking about politics and corrupt governments. Oh and the history of the eastern european bloc, the middle east, and russia/ukraine. Oh and scary rides. And bungee jumping and sky-diving. And Dan Brown. And investment (because they were both finance and economics students and were trying to teach me a thing or two about corporate bonds.) It's actually really interesting! I mean, I love law, no doubt about that but you know, it's always nice to learn about what others are learning.


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