Friday, April 14, 2006

I heart London!

A few days before, trying out the suit and hair. The red nails have to go.

I was in London for a couple of days to attend an interview with a law firm. It is such an amazing city to be in! I was very blessed also because the sun was shining and the wind wasn't too strong and well, the weather couldn't be more perfect. The sights were amazing on my way to the interview but as I was really nervous, all I did was find a Starbucks nearest to the firm's office and tried to make myself comfortable while revising some notes that I put together for the interview. Had a mocha because I hoped the chocolate would calm my nerves but to be honest, it did very little. I wasn't in the mood to take any photos at all so all the photos are taken by my trusty Samsung D600 (greatest phone on the planet!) only AFTER the interview and lunch with associates of the firm. It was a great experience, being able to talk to some of the people who work with the firm and I was bowled over by their experience, professionalism, drive and well, in short, they're just really impressive people who make you wonder if you'll ever be like them.

My trusty bag (Shili, what do you think of it? Nice?). I stuck with a light blue shirt under the suit because I wasn't sure if deep pink pinstripes (which I preferred) would be suitable.

The Strand. Where the firm's office is. I didn't take the front door of the office for obvious reasons: The walls are fully made of glass with marble panelling and hence I would look like a total retard to the receptionists inside if I was standing outside clicking away on my phone right in front of them. So I walked a little further away and took this photo of the sidewalk leading to the firm. The building at the very end is the Royal Courts of Justice (if I'm not mistaken) and this is also very close to where the London School of Economics and the Inns are.

Clements Inn, which is right next to the firm.

On my way back to Victoria Station to catch the bus back to Manchester. This is Holborn Station. The stations all look pretty similar, like the one showed in V for Vendetta where the train with the explosives was parked. The train system here is like all the other systems you find in the world, only unlike Singapore, which has quite a clean straightforward system, the network for this one is much more complicated, with many more lines...evidently because London itself is much bigger and a more complex city.

The outside of Victoria Station. And I'm off to catch my bus.

Finally, some rest. The bus was SO CRAMPED!!! But I was just thankful that everything was over and it's all in God's hands now. I really can't say how well I did in the interview. I will know the outcome soon. It goes without saying that I want this internship really badly but so does every other candidate. I gave it my best and well, we'll see. :)

And the next morning...

Getting ready to meet Jen! She's going to Wales for the weekend to visit her boyfriend's family. And yes, I'm just looking for an opportunity to be narcissistic!


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