Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Had my Tort exam today. URGHHHHH KILL ME NOW!!!

It was so difficult! And I don't understand why I cannot remember all the cases.

It's like, I might as well not have studied at all because I completely blanked out.

And the paper is structured in such a way that you cannot spot because Section 1 is on intentional torts. Section 2 on negligence and section 3 managed to incorporate Product liability, nuisance, rylands and fletcher and OMG HOW MANY TOPICS CAN YOU FIT INTO ONE QUESTION MAN BUT YOU MANAGED TO DO IT ARGHHHHH

And the compulsory essay question included this profound, unexpected but SUPER EASY IF YOU DID EXPECT IT BECAUSE THERE ARE ARTICLES THAT SPECIFICALLY ADDRESS THIS ISSUE ONLY THAT WHO WOULD EXPECT THIS QUESTION???? Just take a look at this:

"Which do you prefer, the idea of a "law of tort" or that of a "law of torts"? Give full reasons for your answer."


Ok I'll forget about it because well, there's nothing I can do.

Land Law tomorrow. *Faints*



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