Thursday, May 18, 2006

World Cup mascot firm goes bust

Goleo mascots have been languishing on shop shelves. The company producing the mascot for this year's World Cup has declared itself bankrupt after the toy failed to score with consumers.
Nici paid 28 million euros ($36m; £19m) for the sole rights to "Goleo", a football-kit-wearing lion.
According to reports, the firm has blamed weak demand for its problems.
According to Coburg district court, Nici cited inability to make payments as its reason for filing for insolvency.
The group's problems come just six weeks before the football tournament kicks off in Germany.
Nici had expected the stuffed toy mascot - designed by the firm behind the Muppets, Jim Henson's Company - to have been a sure fire hit with consumers.
However, it seems to have scored an own goal by choosing a mascot that has little connection to Germany, whose national symbol is an eagle.
In fact, three lions are the symbol of Germany's greatest footballing rival, England.
Reports also suggest that consumers are puzzled by the lion's state of undress - although it wears a number 6 shirt, Goleo does not sport a pair of shorts.

Source: BBC Business News

Oh what a shame. But then again, if you use an eagle, consumers are gonna think USA. And how do you put shorts on an eagle? How do you put trainers on it? Eagles don't even have feet/paws! They have claws - very awkward for shoe-wearing. They might suffer from ingrown toenails. I kinda like the lion actually. I think it's cute, and you can tell it's been created by the people who did the Muppets. It reminds me of Bear from Bear in the Big Blue House. Maybe it wouldn't have done so badly if they put a pair of cute shorts on it and some ultra shiny aerodynamic football shoes.


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