Monday, July 31, 2006

I was craving nasi lemak awhile back and since there's only like ONE Malaysian restaurant in Manchester (ONE = virtual monopoly = inelastic demand = steep demand curve = ability for Jati to do whatever it wants to the prices and standard of the food it serves and from what I've heard the food has gone from yum to yuck to BLEARGH.) I decided to make Li Vyen cook with me. Big bag of peanuts (not all was used!) 65p. Eggs 50p per 6 pack carton. She insisted on the peanuts because it's her favourite thing in the world.

Ayam masak merah and sambal (I made the sambal and it was amazing!! Ok fine it came out of a jar but hey I added the onions and sugar and stuff ok) . Chicken = 1.50, Ayam masak merah mix 80p, Sambal-in-a-jar = 1.20

Whee! The left one is mine because Li Vyen wanted a boiled egg.

And she complained after we had a bit to eat because she realised that the photo would have looked much better if the egg was cut into half.

I'm hungry!! The yolk broke but who the heck cares man, it tasted AMAZING!

There was enough rice and dishes left over for another person. We calculated the cost per person to be about less than a pound! Take that, Jati!


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