Sunday, July 30, 2006

A lot of people ask me what it's like dating a foreigner. Well ok the exact word they use is American but I think what they mean by that is what it's like to be in a relationship with someone who doesn't share my Asian heritage. Someone who doesn't know Hougang or Orchard Road or Kuala Lumpur or Ujong Pasir or Kampung Lapan's Wan Tan Mee. Someone who doesn't understand a lot of's podcasts or the political situation in Singapore and Malaysia. Someone who doesn't know the pleasure I get from the yakitori in Taka. Or the unagi lunchboxes. Or the takopachi! Or the familiar smell of Famous Amos as you make your way from the Wisma basement to the Taka basement. Someone who doesn't know what a mass dance is... or even the type of orientations that are found only in the life of a student in singapore. Someone who doesn't understand Singlish jokes (or Manglish for that matter). Someone who hates indian food (sobs! banana leaf rice!!! I looooove banana leaf rice!!).

The truth is, it sucks. Because sometimes mrbrown is just TOO FUNNY and mutton curry is just TOO YUMMY and walking down orchard road is just TOO MEMORABLE and driving through the Federal Highway at 5.30pm is TOO FRUSTRATING. And it sucks when I'm laughing my head off at something on because I think it's so freakin stupid and he just looks at me with part amusement and total confusion.

But what I usually say in reply to the initial question is 'Oh there's good and bad. He makes up for it in other areas.'

It's just hard to explain you know?

On a lighter note though, here are some photos of DURIANS!! Woohoo!! Yummy yummy yummy. My favourite types are the super fleshy and sweet kind with a good amount of creaminess and aroma. If it's just a little bitter that's even better!! Droollllssss!

Heehee.. want some?


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