Saturday, July 08, 2006

Shopping!! Well not really. I found these 2 really lush dresses in Coast at Selfridges (which by the way, girls are having their mega huge summer sale so be there and RAID!) which I had to try on even though I knew I couldn't afford it even after discount. I had some time to kill before work so tralalalala into the fitting rooms we go.

The before photo. Notice how I'm NOT bundled up in layers of shock absorbing sweaters and jackets! Yes, the English summer is finally here! and will be gone in like, uh.. a week or so? I'm even wearing FLIP FLOPS ok??? It's a bit too hot for my liking though. And the fitting room was absolutely boiling. I bought that top a long time ago from Mango (on sale too!) for like, RM17 and I still love it till today! And the mini denim skirt is a little out of date with that awful wash but I still kinda like it because it fits really nicely. I bought it from some brandless denim store in Singapore. For I think about SGD15. So my whole outfit costs like 7 pounds or so? Sweeeet.

Coast fitting room. And huge Selfridges "This is you" tag. It's not gonna make me buy it you know...

The After photo. I like it! It's a bit cheongsam-y though. And I can't really think of an occasion to wear it. I love the colour and cut and sighhh, it is quite yummy. But I'm sure I'll find a similar one in future. I need an occasion to wear it but man, I'm such a sucker for dresses!


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