Sunday, August 13, 2006


I have SOOOOOOOO much to say I don't even know where to start!!

First of all, the reason for the spartan posts is because I DO NOT HAVE INTERNET CONNECTION IN MY NEW HOUSE.

And to be honest with you, it's seriously liberating!! (except the times when it's 1 am in the morning and I suddenly remember that I have to access my internet banking or make a payment or send something in before the deadline). But you know what, that just means that I have to be more organised and less of a procrastinator. I'm seriously considering not getting internet connection the next academic year, much to the horror of concerned friends -

'how are you going to do your coursework??'
'how will you download judgements?'
'oh shin don't be ridiculous!'

Let's talk about feeling good about our looks. Because I've never felt better about how I look! I've had a new haircut (free! because it was done by a trainee) and it looks amazing and I love it to bits! I don't know why I feel much more confident here about how I look. I used to be the fat ugly one in primary school and even in high school it was always my best friend who got all the attention! I was the smart teacher's pet who happened to not be very attractive.

There can therefore be only three explanations to why I think I look good now:

1. I actually did blossom to look better - plus make up plus nice clothes.
2. I've matured and grown to accept and love how I look.
3. How I look appeals to people here more than it does to people back home/singapore.

And I personally think it's a sum of a little bit of 1 + 2 + 3!

I don't think many girls like how they look nowadays. They wanna be a little lighter, a little browner, a little smaller, a little bigger, a little brighter, a little taller, a little whiter. I eat whatever I want now (it's bad I know, but seriously, that part about me never changed. I'm fond of food and I eat bucketloads!) - I could be thinner but I never am so I guess I eventually stopped trying. I work a lot so I guess it helps keep me healthy. All the scuttling around and fussing over customers. Moving and making outfits out of skirts, tops, jeans, accessories, trousers, suits, jackets, dresses and changing the visual displays - undressing a mannequin is seriously frustrating! That's the old job that I'm quitting from soon come end of August and my new job is great albeit a little worrying because I do not get a workout at all from it. I sit at a desk. Bwahahaha. No wonder people working in retail are usually in pretty good shape. They are constantly moving! I hope I do not turn into a donut guzzling, mocha gulping jabba-the-huttress on swivel chair.

Back to the original topic, (Eww, that visual was quite gross. I'm staying off donuts although I will NEVER say no to a Krispy Kreme. Never.) I think one reason why I feel good about my appearance is because I get compliments! Where I work, in clubs, in restaurants. The most endearing one, and my absolute favourite was from a pair of cheery talkative elderly ladies (seriously, I think they must be at least 80) obviously sisters or best friends who come to per una a lot. Quite rare considering the fact that old ladies usually shop in more timeless places like Classic Marks and Spencer or the 1st floor of Debenhams. But they love coming in and admiring the clothes and speaking with great enthusiasm and approval on all the lovely things. They don't buy anything but I love them to bits! And yesterday they called me 'bonny'! When was the last time you've heard that word being used? Enid Blyton? The brothers Grimm? Anne of Green Gables? But it made me smile so much, especially because I didn't understand them at first. (Bonneh? What the heck is bonneh?)

So I laughed and nodded as usual and tried to say something so universal that it could fit in any conversation.
'Oh you darling, you don't know what bonneh means do ya? *fits of giggles*'
No. I don't.
'It means you're lovely! You should be on that poster over there lovey'


Then they said goodbye and left because the store was closing and kept going 'such a lovely girl' although they're lovely sounds more like loveleh.

Then I went into fits of giggles because I find that word so freaking adorable! And I was seriously pleased. You can never trust a guy's compliment because well, there's usually an ulterior motive but when two hunched little 80 year old ladies tell you you're 'bonneh' it'll make you smile. I hope I'm that happy and cheery when I'm 80!


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