Saturday, November 25, 2006

Frosted window panes

Few things are worse than getting up at 7.30 in the morning so that you can get to work in time. It's 7 deg Celcius outside and rain is pelting against your window. It feels worse as a student because you also wake up to remember that seminar/reading/essay due the next day. You first contemplate calling in sick. You've got an essay to do remember? University comes first right? Then your work ethics/conscience/insanity gets the better of you and you reluctantly crawl out from beneath the covers. By this time, you would have been 15 minutes too late to get ready comfortably so you quickly slap on some foundation, flick eyeliner over your eyelids, run your fingers through your hair, jump into some decent trousers and top, pull some gloves on, zip up your boots and run out of the house through the rainy pavement to the bus stop. Never mind colour coordination. You would have of course forgotten to bring an umbrella as you only have it with you when it's dry (i.e, in Manchester, hardly ever)

You stagger into work just in time, hang up your coat, place your bag on your table, turn on the computer and log in, say a quick hello to your colleagues before dashing to the kitchen where you will find more people who look as hastily pulled together as yourself. You all wait patiently for the coffee to brew and heave a sigh of relief when you have a hot mug of caffeine in your hands.

I love coffee. It helps me do my job on a 9 to 5 day. I try not to drink it when I don't need it because I don't want to grow dependent/immune to it. My only gripe is that it goes cold too quickly! Maybe I need to get a mug that plugs into the USB of my computer and stays heated. Heh heh.

No work tomorrow! But Company Law seminar and essay!! LME Seminar! All by Monday!! nyaaah.


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