Sunday, November 19, 2006

I'm 21!

Ack! Some very belated birthday photos. I have very few photos because I kept going round and talking to people, making sure everyone had a drink. I want to say a special thank you to Chris and Tarina for helping me plan everything and being so schweeet!

And Denise who baked The Most Amazing Cake In The World! It took her hours and I feel really really really gan dong!

The pre-pre birthday a few days prior for people who couldn't make it for the actual party. Forgive the mess, we cleared it the day after! My living room has really bad fengshui I think. The table and sofas and chairs are all just really awkward for some reason. Oh well, don't expect too much from a student house!

The pre-party. Took a couple of photos earlier on when there wasn't as much people but after awhile it just got too messy. MY HOUSE IS TOO SMALL!! Invited some friends over to mine and we headed off to TigerTiger later to meet the rest. Sorry no photos of anything else because I have yet to find people who actually had cameras that night! The official cameraperson got a bit tipsy and quit his job even before we stepped foot out of the house!!! heh heh. (It's ok C I forgive you, you had more ahem *important* things to do - heehee!) If you have photos pass them to me pls!

Went on another night out a few days later at Bea's houseparty. There was a chocolate fountain! Wheeeee! Loved it! Oh and the top was my birthday present from you S1E people! my 18th bday present heehee! It's a bit tight now.. :( Fat fat fat.

Am going swimming tonight! Have to hurry and finish up my employment law seminar preparation! Cepaaaat!


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