Monday, November 06, 2006

I'm sitting here and UPDATING my blog when I should be doing my 2500 essay. Have so much more to do and so little time. But I need the break. We all need a break sometimes. I look at my life and I'm working, stressed, holding back from having all the fun in the world. It's my final year of Uni and I live like a 40-year-old. I have less than a year left to be completely insane and uninhibited yet what I actually do is go to work almost everyday. I want to be able to afford to not have a job. I want to be able to shop and go out.

I should count my blessings. At least I have a job to keep my head above waters. At least I have the opportunity to go to University. I have a great family and amazing friends.

Can I just mention here that I cannot stand people who repetitively whine for the purpose of being consoled? If you're genuinely distressed, I will feel bad for you. I will sympathise (I am a very sympathetic person. Very. Sometime too sympathetic. That is why I don't think I'll make a very good lawyer). But whiny people who are so self-absorbed in their whininess are a pain in the rear end.

And now I sound like a terrible person.


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