Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Remember my little trip to the Wirral etc etc? Today I'm going to show you Liverpool just because I managed to transfer those photos first from my phone. Heh. (Gosh NS, get a better lap top. Get a proper lap top that doesn't have:

1. A floppy drive - Gasp! Does anyone remember that? F-L-O-P-P-Y drive. Called so because the disks inserted into the slot is floppy. Yes they bend - you can use them as catapults in computer class. Yes the kind of computer class in primary school where the teacher makes you use DOS prompts on a black screen to draw a line. And then a series of prompts to draw a triangle. And a square, and a pentagon, and a hexagon and eventually you get a circle! How uber cool is that??? You can even (eventually provided your fingers aren't numb by then) draw a turtle!!! TURTLE!!! Oh wow I can die happy! I've drawn the outline of a turtle on a big black screen!! And floppy disks, they come in all sorts of colours. They're plastic and fantastic and my laptop still prefers them.

2. No DVD drive - no comment.

3. A broken keyboard

4. No bluetooth, wireless capabilities. My laptop LIVES on wires. LAN cable, It needs to be permanently hooked on to a power source as the battery is dead. It's like it's hooked on a life support machine. prshhhhhhhhhhht prshhhhhhhhhhhhhhht prshhhhhhhhhhhht prshhhhhhhhhhhhhhht...)


The little bits of Liverpool that I saw were very nice! We went to the Docks and to the Tate Gallery. I love art galleries! I can stay in them for an entire day. There was a Lowry exhibition which was such a pleasant coincidence. Especially since it's an exhibition of private colls- the paintings and sketches have just been auctioned off to private collectors and this was probably the last time they were going to be on exhibit to the public! Obviously I couldn't take any specific photos of the works but here are some other photos:

I liked the pavement. Ok jakun, suaku.

The docks facing the sea. You can see Uncle Noel on the middle left. It's a really nice walk down this stretch, quite peaceful save the irritating jet-skiier who was whizzing past every now and then. How annoying!! No actually I was jealous, I haven't been on a jet-ski in ages!!!

I really liked this photo. The sweet old lady was putting on her coat and the wind was so blustery. I took a black and white shot of this as well but the colours in here are almost monochromatic anyway, with a hint of blue which actually made it look better! To be honest, I don't do any professional photography so I wouldn't know. This shot might be hideous to the discerning eye.

The Liver building. I tried to get the signpost into the picture so you'd know where everything is heheh. There was a man busking on the bridge and he was pretty good! Too bad pictures don't come with sounds. Oh wait, that's a video. Which I will need to upload on youtube. Which is too much hassle.

The water was so still you could see two identical worlds.


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