Sunday, November 05, 2006

People have been asking me what I want for my birthday and well, here is my wish list because I like making life easier for everyone. Haha! Don't feel obliged to get me anything though! I really don't mind because I love you amazing people already anyway! :)

Clothes- jeans, tops, sweater-dresses, cropped cardis, anything pretty, socks boots, accessories... oh i don't know anything will do because i just don't have enough clothes! (i'm not saying this because I'm a shopaholic. I really REALLY don't have enough clothes.)

Cosmetics - a good cheek brush, eye shadow, blusher

Electronics - a wireless card for my current dingy old laptop (lol!) or better yet a new laptop (unachievable!)

A plane ticket back home to Malaysia for christmas! Lol!

A thicker duvet (mine is 4.5. togs only!), a new bedcover set

But seriously, a simple wish will also totally make my day! :) xxx


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