Friday, November 03, 2006

Urgh, I just stuffed myself with a really huge breakfast and guess what.. I WANT SOME MORE!

'But we already know that, NS!' you say.

I love Food. Gonna make some waffles now. Want some?

Went out to Opus with Jenea, Chris, Sandra and Tarina and I was whoooooooooooooooo. Must have been the redbull. I HATE redbull. And i HATE sambuca or anything with aniseed in it. What's the point? It's like biting into a stinkbomb! And I don't like Pastis either. Bluerk.

My fingers are cramping up from the cold as I type. I considered putting on gloves and then re-considered that consideration as I realised that wearing gloves would prevent me from typing properly. Hence I brave the nippy weather for the sake of updating my blog.

Ooh, also I was in Cheshire last weekend and it was amazing! Went down to Wales as well. Took loads of gorgeous photos in my k800i but I am yet to figure out a way of transferring those photos into my geriatric (but well-loved) laptop.

Also, Denise commented that Diego and I don't look that racially dissimilar. That's great! Still doesn't explain the looks I get in Chinatown whenever I'm with him but still Great!

And here are some photos pre-Opus. And oh, one of baby Matthew just because he's the most adorable thing ever.

Koochi koo! or rather, Gucci gucci guuuu!


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