Saturday, August 11, 2007

Leaving Day - and a picnic!

It was my last day at my current company today and the team gave me some pink Rose Cava - lush! I will really miss them. Time certainly flies (I've worked with them for a little more than a year!) and come to think of it, I spent more time at work than I did in classes at Uni. I was a little sad to leave as my colleagues have become really good friends, but who's to say we won't see each other again eh?

The Cava was a pretty good parting gift as I brought it along to Liv and Steph's picnic! :) A nice refreshing pink bubbly - yummm. And amazing food. I baked a moist chocolate cake for the picnic - at midnight last night after I got back from my leaving do! Will let the pictures do the talking.

Whitworth Park in Summer!

Our food! Pizza, pudding, coleslaw, cantaloupe, chicken, juice, chocolate cake, CAVA! Pringles..

We sat beneath the trees

My leaving gift





the moist chocolate cake I baked :)


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