Saturday, August 25, 2007

The nephews

Babies Matthew and Jake in matching outfits heh heh.

Baby Matthew is so cute. And now he has a little brother called baby Jake. :)

Matthew also started expressing himself, what he wants, what he likes and what he doesn't like. And he's soooo flirtatious with girls! He's so easssyyy to take care of. He seldom cries or whines, he picks himself up when he falls, never complains, and is mega-affectionate. Sometimes he runs up to you, grins, gives your knees a huge hug and disappears giggling.

He calls Diego Tio (meaning uncle in spanish) and recently over the phone he's been calling me Tia! The last time I met him, he was already the smiley, dancey boy but couldn't speak yet. Oh he loves dancing. And his moves are PRETTY GOOD! He looks better than some guys in Zouk on mambo nights. (Ah, at least the mambo nights as I remember them?). I remember when we were at Sea World, Gwen Stephanie's Rich Girl came on and he just stopped running, grinned and danced, shaking his little booty and doing quick little shuffles with his feet. He only just learnt to WALK!!! It just makes you gape in awe at how kids just absorb everything in their surroundings and learn so quickly.

He's going to be such a little heartbreaker when he grows up :)


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