Sunday, August 05, 2007

Was at work since 9am yesterday training the new legal assistants when we RAN OUT OF WORK TO DO. Seriously this has never happened before and it just brings home the phrase 'many hands make light work'. The team has been joined by six new LAs and it's just amazing how contracts are issued so much faster, even if they are still learning.

Gave DPercussion in Castlefield a miss (I know right, what's wrong with me?) as I had to remind myself that I was on a very tight budget. It was the very last one too. Bet I missed out on a lot of really cool bands and DJs performing that day but you know I don't seem to mind anymore. I know I can't afford it just yet and besides I was going to Prohibition that night with Jen, Liz, Jess and Sarra!

And it was fun! Cocktails were amazing. Had my mojito (YAYYYY!) so worth it! The place had your typical plush French boudoir decor that's really popular at the moment. Girls love it! The only gripe we had was that the sofas we were sitting on were too high up. It's not very comfortable having your feet dangle inches away from the floor. Jen and I are about 5'8", Liz is 5'7" - we're pretty tall - so you can imagine how cutiepies Sarra and Jess were feeling. They're not that small either. I think they make the sofas uncomfortable so you get up and hit the dancefloor. With funky house and dance music playing, how could we not? Note to Prohibition, lower them sofas please? Still my favourite place to go to for cocktails is the Obsidian. If you're looking for a place to go to in Manchester for great cocktails and a great atmosphere, do yourself a favour and give Obsidian a go. It is lush. And the bartenders are really cute. They really put their back into shaking your drinks and have such a positive vibe about them. The vibe is infectious - they smile, you smile, the people beside you smile - great place, great decor. And the cocktails! I usually judge a place's cocktails by their Mojitos and Manhattans - and Obsidian's are amazing. They put up a bit of a show too when making your drink which is always fun. The detail they put into making the drinks - like the cute half-cut fresh passion fruit floating in your drink waiting to be scooped, or the crushed fresh raspberries - they just make that much of a difference.

I can't afford to hit Obsidian too often but seriously, the amount of goodies they pour into your drink, and the the generous measures of alcohol makes your one drink well worth it.


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