Thursday, August 30, 2007

You wait ages for a bus...


Basically I have to move out by tonight because tomorrow I will not BE here to check out by 10am because I will have to work tomorrow.

Moreover, I have a Very Important Interview tomorrow which I cannot prepare for now because I got home from work at 7.00pm and have been packing ever since (save this few minutes of rant-blogging).

And to make things worse, things are starting to really pick up pace at work (as I have been hoping because I really want to learn but ARGH BAD TIMING) and now I feel like I'm being met by an avalanche.

Also - I will be homeless tomorrow and apparently there is a problemo with my apartment which I am supposed to move into on Saturday and I fear that I might not even have a place to move into on Saturday!! I seriously need to BUY a house man. All this moving is driving me insane - in the last 3 months this will be the FOURTH time I've moved. ALLLLL my stuff I ever owned- nothing left behind. Ahhh wish my parents were in England. Or even Wales I don't care as long as there's a house I can leave bits and bobs in.

Urgh, being alone is just really ma fan.

wo zhen de hen lei!!!!...

Ok gtg pack and move and ARGHHHH


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